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Playmate: Kona Carmack
Interview: Bruce Willis
20 Questions: Harry Wu
Featuring: Fiction from Mario Vargas Llosa! Leslie Nielsen and Playmates pictorial! American Gladiators' Zap (Raye Hollitt) pictorial!
  Grade: ***********************************
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Complete Table of Contents
Feature Author(s)
Playbill -
Dear Playboy -
Playboy After Hours -
Movies Bruce Williamson
Video -
Music -
Travel -
Wired -
Style -
Books Digby Diehl
Men Asa Baber
The Playboy Advisor -
The Playboy Forum -
Reporter's Notebook (opinion) Robert Scheer
Playboy Interview: Bruce Willis (candid conversation) -
Memo To Michael Jackson (humor) Joe Queenan
Zap (pictorial) American Gladiators' Zap (Raye Hollitt)
Death In The Andes (fiction) Mario Vargas Llosa
Cyber Fashion (fashion) Hollis Wayne
Great Balls Of Fire (article) Turk Pipkin
Playboy Gallery: Cameron Diaz -
Black Water, Deep Canyon (article) Mark Jenkins
Aloha, Kona (PMOM) Kona Carmack
Party Jokes (humor) -
Rescue Impossible (article) Pat Jordan
Rapid Transit (cars) Ken Gross
Love Hurts (playboy profile) Neal Karlen on Courtney love
Scotch (drink) David Mamet
Sit On This (modern living) -
Naked Nielsen (pictorial) Leslie Nielsen and Playmates
20 Questions: Harry Wu -
Where & How To Buy -
Playboy On The Scene -