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Playmate: Connie Brighton
Interview: Cheech And Chong
20 Questions: Tom Petty
Featuring: Fiction from Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Elkin! Fran Jeffries pictorial! Girls Of The Big Eight!
  Grade: ***********************************
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Complete Table of Contents
Feature Author(s)
Playbill -
The World Of Playboy -
Dear Playboy -
Playboy After Hours -
The Playboy Advisor -
Dear Playmates -
The Playboy Forum -
Playboy Interview: Cheech And Chong (candid conversation) -
2010: Odyssey Two, Part One (fiction) Arthur C. Clarke
Why Things Don't Work (essay) Jules Siegel
Still Fran-tastic! (pictorial) Fran Jeffries
The Telethon (fiction) Stanley Elkin
Personal Best (accouterments) -
The Bomb And Beyond (article) Otoo Friedrich
The Best And The Brighton (PMOM) Connie Brighton
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) -
The Book Of Creation (humor) Tony Hedra and Sean Kelly
Playboy's Pigskin Preview (sports) Anson Mount
Behind The Lines In The Network News War (article) Robert Sam Anson
Back To Campus (attire) David Platt
20 Questions: Tom Petty -
Arcade Games Come Home! (article) Danny Goodman
Girls Of The Big Eight (pictorial) -
The Unanswerable Question (ribald classic) -
Playboy's Roving Eye (pictorial) -
Playboy Funnies (humor) -
Playboy Potpourri -
Playboy On The Scene -