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Playmate: Laura Lyons
Interview: James Caan
Featuring: New fiction by Melvin Van Peebles and R.K. Narayan! Vargas Girl!
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Complete Table of Contents
Feature Author(s)
Playbill -
Dear Playboy -
Playboy After Hours -
Selected Shorts -
Oil: The Final Solution Robert Sherrill
Home Again Craig Vetter
The Playboy Advisor -
The Playboy Forum -
Playboy Interview: James Caan -
The True American (fiction) Melvin Van Peebles
The Sensuous Gift -
'I Don't Make Hocus-Pocus' (article) Dan Greenberg
Kubrick's Countess (pictorial) Marisa Berenson
An American Gestapo (article) Frank Browning
King Of The Hill (modern living) -
Gagtime (parody) David Steinberg and Ziggy Steinberg
Why Is A Turnip Like A Free-Lance Writer? (article) Craig Vetter
Lyons' Share (PMOM) Laura Lyons
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) -
Understanding Your Erotic Dreams (article) Graham Masterton
East Meets West (attire) Robert L. Green
God And The Cobbler (fiction) R.K. Narayan
Saps In Cinema (humor) -
And Now...Funderwear! (pictorial) -
The Vargas Girl (pictorial) Alberto Vargas
The Goldsmith And The Singing Girl (ribald classic) -
Playboy's History Of Assassination (article) James McKinley
Winter Wines (drink) Emanuel Greenberg
On The Scene (personalities) -
Playboy Potpourri -
A Heavily Italicized History Of Sex (humor) Arnold Roth