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Playmate: Nancie Li Brandi
Interview: Jimmy Hoffa
Featuring: New fiction by Frederick Forsyth, Lee Falk and Evan Hunter!
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Complete Table of Contents
Feature Author(s)
Playbill -
Dear Playboy -
Playboy After Hours -
The Playboy Advisor -
The Playboy Forum -
Playboy Interview: Jimmy Hoffa -
'It Gets Dark Every Night' (article) Jerry Stanecki
Time Is Money (fiction) Lee Falk
Playboy's Guide To Skiing (modern living) Morten Lund
Thawing Out (drink) Emanuel Greenberg
Skin Flick (fiction) Evan Hunter
Peep Show (pictorial) -
Who's The Bull Goose Loony Here? (article) Grover Lewis
Playboy's Christmas Cards (verse) Judith Wax
Story Of O (pictorial) -
The Code Battle (article) David Kahn
The Second Rape Of The West (article) Edward Abbey
Lady Luck (PMOM) Nancie Li Brandi
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) -
Dueling Jocks (sports) William Neely
Jugs (parody) Robert Billings
Playboy's Christmas Gift Guide (gifts) -
I Caught Flies For Howard Hughes (article) Ron Kistler
Four-Star Production (attire) Robert L. Green
Pssst! Feelthy Five-Liners? (humor) J.F. O'Connor
Jaguar's Big New Cat (modern living) Karl Ludvigsen
Sex Stars Of 1975 (article) Arthur Knight
The Loves Of Hero And Leander (ribald classic) Dr. James Smith
The 1976 Playboy Music Poll (music) -
Welcoming Winter (attire) -
The Sheperd (fiction) Frederick Forsyth
National Pornographic (parody) -
Playboy Potpourri -