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PLAYBOY May 1958
Playboy Magazine
  Playmate Lari Laine! Fiction by Berkely Mather, Pat Frank and Alan E. Nourse and more!
ONLY $49.95
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PLAYBOY February 1979
Plaboy March 1971
  Interview with Neil Simon! New fiction by Arthur C. Clarke! The Girls Of Las Vegas pictorial!
ONLY $9.95
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PLAYBOY February 1999
Playboy March 1997
  Emerill Lagasse Interview! Pamela Anderson pictorial (and cover #8)! NFL Cheerleaders pictorial!
ONLY $12.95
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PLAYBOY May 1962
Playboy March 1967
  Playmate Marya Carter! Fiction from Ken W. Purdy and Harry Mark Petrakis! Cynthia Maddox revisited pictorial!
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PLAYBOY February 1982
Playboy March 1986
  Fiction from Robert Silverberg! Sylvia Kristel pictorial! Andy Kaufman vs. Playmate Susan Smith!
ONLY $9.95
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PLAYBOY February 2000
Playboy March 2000
  Interview with Jeff Bezos! 20 Q's for Steven Van Zandt! Angie Everhart pictorial! Don't Cross John McCain!
ONLY $12.95
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Recently celebrating its 10th year in print, Wired magazine is an incredible look inside the technology lifestyle that surrounds us all and how it will affect our future. With a heavy emphasis on design, Wired is a magazine as attractive to behold as it is to read.

How did videogames become a $6 billion dollar industry? What's inside the state-of-the-art race cars and amusement park rides? Can technology replace human limbs and senses? How did Jeff Bezos build Amazon into the giant of Internet commerce? Get WIRED Now!Are government policies threatening our electronic privacy? How is Pixar changing the way Hollywood makes movies?

These are just a handful of the topics you'll find covered in incredible detail among these fine magazines. And with 10 years of issues you'll find that Wired is a remarkable viewpoint of the entire dot-com/dot-bomb era!

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to read Wired, but it may turn you into one! Take some time to browse our Wired listings and you'll understand why we at RetroPrint feel this cutting-edge magazine will be a fascinating collection you'll enjoy owning!

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